It’s not a cult. Think of it as a gang of morons who have nothing better to do with their lives. -scott adams (dilbert)-

dear god, i am so bloody pist off this morning!!! last week, i got stuck with two teammates whom are completely tactless when it comes to accepting the projects handed out to us. when i walk up to the boss to renegotiate a more realistic dateline, i get labeled as pessimistic and an unsupportive team player. ‘communication problem’, that’s what the dude said, and i’m pretty sure ‘attitude problem’ was somewhere at the back of this head also. so here i am, stuck with a close to impossible task unless, of course, i resort to insane measures… which i’m quite sure the other airheads did: slave till the wee hours over the weekend. sorry, no way! the last time i heard, these people were in the office till 4am. no way! number one, this is not what i was hired for. i’m doing this because none of the other stupids can do it. number two, call me a a materialistic bitch, but i’m not getting paid quite enough for this. and number three, they should be fucking happy that i’m helping them with this anyway.

so i decided to pull in extra early this morning, only to get caught in the most horrible traffic jam in kl. i don’t know what’s wrong with these people. one would think that if the jam is already so disgusting at 8.30 am, surely people who leave an hour before that would be a smarter bunch? noooo… i got stuck trailing this nissan, who almost cost me an accident be swerving up in front of me from the left lane without a signal and has the fucking cheek to put his fat hand up and wave at me. apa lagi? i bloody horned at him la! and he had the guts to stare right into the rear view at me! i stared right back and cursed. what happened, he put up his hand and waved again. stupid old man.

breath in. breath out.

i visited alamanda putrajaya last weekend. the do is great, but i must say that it is rather small for a full scale shopping mall. the lots are quite cramped and narrow also. i mean, the mph is smaller than the one at summit and the watsons is smaller then the one at mines. most shops are still closed.

on the plus side tho, the parking is free. the washrooms are free (with plenty of toilet paper). and there is this quartet that walks around the mall playing live instrumental songs. charming.

i met up with avtar and ameen on sunday. yazrin’s getting married, but not sure when.

speaking of weddings, two old aquaintences, yb and the wicked witch of the west got hitched last sunday also somewhere jalan duta. i think it’s great they’re hooking on to each other. i would pity anyone else they latched themselves too. having them out of the way saves a world of singletons from a fate worse than death. so cheers to them!

i’m in the office now, with a box of cereal and a pile of work ahead of me. the cereal is getting on my nerves. it is supposed to be this fruit and bran thing. the raisins and almonds are great but the peaches are a tad too tangy, which is, in my present state of mind, irritating.

and i can’t access a vital sharing folder. damn. i tell you, if that boss guy comes and bitch to me again today, i am going to totally give him a piece of my mind!


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