When you’r depressed,it helps to lean ur head on your arm n stare into space-if you’re unusually depressed,you may have to change arms. -charlie brown

this afternoon, i walked to the post office and paid my electricity bills and bank in some money into my asb. then, i walked to cold storage for some lunch… yea, cold storage is my official staple breakfast, lunch, tea and sometimes dinner diet. today’s lunch is fried chicken with chilli sauce.

dinner was bought in advanced in preparation of dr. shameem’s class tonight. this morning i prayed and prayed that i would receive a call that would say the class is cancelled. the call never came. tonight’s dinner is spagetti.

i noticed that the foreign population in klcc has shifted. for the past two months, it has been the middle easterners. they have since left and the new crowd are mostly westerners. whites, blacks, olive browns and all. when i was waiting for my number to be called up at the post office, i watched this mat salleh guy write a postcard to someone back in europe.

that’s when it hit me. i want to go on vacations half way around the globe too:(. i want to walk around wide-eyed in backpacks, with a camera around my neck and writing postcards to peeps back home. i want to do all the jakun things tourists do and ask stupid questions to locals and be stared at because my hair colour is different.

it just seems unfair that some people have the time and money to go vacationing to far away places. and there seems to be a lot of them. i mean, there were more foreigners in klcc than there are locals, be it mid-east season, caucasion season, whatever. i miss travelling on debate tickets. upm won’t send me anywhere anymore because they have this thing against postgrads and extra-curricular activities. stupid, kan? after all that i have contributed to them, now they want me to pay attention to my studies pulak. i know a good list of undergrads who are seriously in need of this noextra-curricular activities therapy. bah!

so here is my resolution, i want to actually plan for a european vacation. yea yea, the currency is boombastic and for all i know, i’ll never get my lazy ass anywhere near the malaysian border at the rate i’m procrastinating over everything, but i’m going to try, at least for the next coupla months… or weeks… or days… to see if i can keep this dream alive. no, i don’t have the faintest idea where in the european continent i want to go, or how to get there or for how long. i just know that i want to be there sometime early next year.

i need to get back to my work and my fried chicken.


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