out of the darkness and into the sun, but i won’t forget all the ones that i love. i’ll take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and break away…

yesterday started out with me having to meet up with a lecturer on campus. i have spent much of the previous night and earlier that morning drafting up my research paper and i have hit a stumbling block. and everything was just blank. remember i mentioned that i am the sort of freak that can’t do things half way and have just need to finish the paper at one go? that explains my obsessive geek trips into the academic world.

language degeneration is not exactly a term that linguists like. for a lot of us, the term is arguably taboo. insulting even. languages do not degenerate. they change, they shift, they might even be said to die sometimes. but they do not degenerate. reading back my paper, it sounded like a mad bashing spree.

as it turns out, my paper did not need the major overhaul i’ve so dreaded. some sections need to be rearranged and some terms need to be more clearly elaborated. i’ve got basically the right direction (tho a bit foggy). and i need to add a concluding remark. apparently, bashing is fine, as long as i approach it professionally. in other words, bashing is fine as long as i don’t bitch too much about the people who agree with such nonsensical crap la… oops, (i did it again).

i want to mines that afternoon. i thought i needed to stretch my legs out a bit. plus, i just got a new book: the da vinci code by dan brown. i was listening to lin and viney talking about it the other day and it sounded interesting. apparently the net reviews on this book came back pretty good as well. great. now i only have six books to read, the first five being academic texts, so i would not be surprised if the da vinci code suddenly cuts queue…

that evening, headed over to research methods class and distributed two party packs of cheap chocolates. i tried to bribe the lecturer with three pieces of chocolate for extra marks on my first assignment;) obviously, it did not work. yes, i got back my first assignment last night. 7.5 out of 10 marks. received instructions for assignment three and four last night. brilliant. more work. as if i have all the time in the world. dateline: next monday. even better. suck the life outta me, why don’tcha.

i met wynn after class. he brought me a mooncake which is incredibly sweet of him since he knows that i don’t like sponge cakes (which is practically every other cake in the bakery). we had no candles, so he pushes a straw into the middle of the mooncake and starts singing for me and makes me blow out the straw. i cut the lotus paste mooncake in half:)

i would like to thank everyone who sent me emails and smses and messages in my blog. thanks a lot!:)

yes folks, it was my birthday yesterday…


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