It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving. -Mother Teresa

last weds, i took my car for its 122,000km servicing. yes, it’s that old, but it runs well for a proton continental. i found out that the knob of the dip stick used to measure the black oil level was broken and had to be replaced. cost me rm48:(

getting that stick replaced and my coolant bleeding done made me late for analy language class that morning. the topic of the day was historical linguistics where we discussed the principles of proto languages and language family trees. you see, language family trees are very much like people family trees. language also have parents and grandparents and children and grandchildren. language can die and new language may be born out of existing languages. in a way, language is alive.

what is interesting to me is how closely the life of a language is tied to the life of a civilization of people. of course, i have discussed here at length last semester about how close the relationship is between a language and a culture, and how the evolution of a culture also effects the evolution of a language (language change/ language shift/ language maintanence/ language death etc…). i think historical linguistics approaches this same issue from a more archeological point of view. we are introduced to the concept of cognates and how the study of cognate sets reveals the scientific ties between one language generation to another.

i think i can actually use this stuff for my research:)

for the final submission in analy language, we are to choose between doing a final exam or writing a research paper. i initially opted for the final exam, primarily because i just don’t have the time, at the moment, to sit in the library and look up a tonne of references for a research paper. but the lecturer spoke to me personally after class and suggested how writing a research paper would be a more tasteful challenge for me (and her).

i must admit, i did find the mid-term exam for this subject a bit of a joke. i guess it cuts quite well for most people, but somehow, the idea of reguigitating facts is just not how i would ideally measure the understanding of a postgrad student. no, i’m not suggesting that i’m helluva know-it-all. i’m not saying this because i did just so-so in that paper either. i just think that postgrads need to be more opinionated and actually demonstrate argumentative trades more critically. memorizing and vomiting facts does not prove anything about the intellectual depths of a postgrads. somehow, it sounds just so… undergrad.

so ok, the challenge of a research paper did sound particularly enticing given my research topic (somewhere along the lines of the degeneration of english). but i already have two papers to write for dr chan and god knows how many more for dr shameem and this one just seems to get in the way. plus, i’d have to make time to sit in the library…!

i sighed. the need for linguistic criticism overcame me. i’ll write a paper on language degeneration.

i spent a good deal of wednesday night reading up on david crystal and bill bryson on language threats. i spent a good deal of thursday surfing up issues on language degenaration also, mostly from princeton’s website. i need to gain access into more language journals also, so i suppose i’ll be in the library for a good deal of my weekend.

i went out with wynn last night to watch alien vs predator. confession: i am soooo not this kinda movie sorta person. unlike a lot of people, i do not have a taste for all thrillers or chillers and even action movies are just aye for me. i’m a sucker for feel goods, biographicals, philosophicals, fantasticals and historicals. but no, i’m not a bubblegum. i’m generally peace-loving and non-violent… which is probably the reason why friends just love dragging me to all the monster movies and spooks… to see me hide behind my sweater when the blood scenes arrive.

which was what happened last night.

don’t get the wrong idea, i love this guy and he’s been such a darling for taking me out for the show. and i suppose if i have to be wide eyed and peeping from behind my sweater, i’m glad that it is with him beside me.

Adele Rousseau : What did you say this room was called?
[an Alien egg hatches]
Thomas : Sacrificial chamber.

i have a dad and a brother whom are thrill freaks. so ever since young, i’ve been made to watch through the alien series, sweater and all. it is my personal opinion that this movie rates the most entertainment value, though lowest in terms of spook value out of all the alien series… which is good… for freaks like me. for freaks like me, this movie is ok watchable… except for the parts when alien babies burst out of people’s chests with blood spluttering out of the wound kinda.

and a predator alliance with human beings? far out!

this movie’s producer is also producing the new mortal kombat movie due out next year. sounds interesting? i wasn’t really into the first two mortal kombat movies, but their pc games rock. Anyone else out there Rayden and Sub-Zero fans?

oh looky-looky, what do we have here…?

13/9/1916 : Roald Dahl
13/9/1944 : Jacqueline Bisset
13/9/1980 : Peter Cetera
13/9/1948 : Nell Carter
13/9/1952 : Randy Jones
13/9/1971 : Goran Ivanisevic
13/9/1977 : Fiona Apple
13/9/1980 : Ben Savage

i wonder what all these people have in common with me???;)


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