Whatever we call it – mind, character, soul – we like to think we possess something that is greater than the sum of our neurons and that animates us..

my dad just bought me a new book, ‘the te of piglet‘ by benjamin hoff. now, dad has always provoked my inquisition into things tao. i have read a tonne of stuff on the tao te ching in the areas of business, sports etc.

btw, have anyone ever heard of tao tennis? it is this whacky idea of playing tennis completely without force. some dudes down at the courts are checking it out. i might just pop over down there too… if i ever find time to. sounds cool.

anyway, i’m just into the first few pages of this book. the language is simple, funny (in a good way) even. it feels interesting. philosophical-like, even if it is about a piglet. i heard it’s brother book, the tao of pooh was a hit. what next? the ching of tigger?

i finished reading girl,interrupted yesterday. i am brought to compare this book with prozac nation since both these books talk about depression and how they handled the phenomenon. girl,interrupted is more like a description, rather than a story.

oh wait, what story? there is no story in this book. it talks about observations and contemplations, but not about experience. it is the sort of book one would read if you wanted to, for a moment, be in the mind (brain) of a person with character disorder and experience her mind (brain). it is not a ‘walk in the shoes’ book. it is a ‘be in the mind’ book. that that it is a bad thing. i was prejudice in approaching this book expecting a story on a crazy person. and i got what the crazy person gave me: a crazy… experience. hm.

stylistics aside, i am confident that this book would actually make for a brilliant discussion on life’s perspectives. there are some pretty interesting ones over the net if you want to do a bit of psycho surfing. here’s a good start.

i am personally curious to know how wynona rider and angelina jolie developed the story from this book. i heard it became a movie, but did not do too well. anyone saw the flick?

the lecture last night was on research hypothesis. of course, dr shameem had to turn it into a pseudo-autobiograpgy for a good length of the lecture. i can’t wait for this semester to end. i have about a month to go. my finals should be some time early october. for once, i’m actually looking foward to such milestones. not that the journey would be great. end of the semester means all my papers and projects will soon be due and i’m still hunting articles. but the pot of gold at the end signifies the end of my class-going days. by the end of this semester, i’d be finish with the coursework component of my masters and officially (finally!) embark on my postgrad thesis.

this means many things. i can finally stablize a career and work full time since i won’t need to go to univ anymore except to meet my supervisors. i don’t have to bother with grits which does not have to do with my research (and you won’t have to hear me bitch about irrelavent subjects anymore). okay, i must confess that my research area is pretty diverse and i’d probaby be forced to rediscover some things all over again, but this time, i’ll finally have a purpose: to expand the existing body of knowledge, and not merely to satisfy some coursework criteria.

call me a freak, but i’m actually looking foward to my thesis, for better of worse. i’m actually quite interested in functional linguistics. and yes, (as dr shameem has made it a researcher’s mantra) it will take up loads of reading and probably a tonne of time, but i’m up to it. i’ll always have this blog to bitch in time and again:D

i realize that my life at the moment is pretty messed up. i need to get some things straightened out but it is turning out to be way harder than i expected. as i’ve mentioned several posts ago, i’m now down to one day at a time. it is not a very reassuring thing, having this fuzzy image of the future to look foward to. i am actually quite afraid of what every tomorrow brings. it seems as if that there is so much more that i can’t have control of as compared to what i can and do have control over.

i suppose this is what the divine advice of not phophecising the future meant.


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