No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be… -isaac asimov-

i took the analy language mid term test yesterday. honestly, it was not as ‘challenging’ as i have expected. note, that challenging and difficult has two different meanings. it was difficult but like, i feel that the test was just a bit too… how do you say it… shallow. more like the kinda test you would get in an undergrad paper. don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i bulldozed the test all the way home, it is just that i expected the test to be more intellectual and more argumentative of the principles of linguistics, not some terms and definitions sorta gig. so, while i spent monday and tuesday night slaving away through piles of research material, i could have just memorized the notes and blurt it out on the blank spaces. i just feel so tak puas hati.

oh, and here’s the best part, i took the test at 10am ya… i knew the results (of the test and the assignment i submitted that very morning) by that very afternoon. my lecturer has this knack of having things done soonest possible. so here’s the deal, i got 38/50 for the test and 42/50 for the assignment. both marks of which, will be converted to amount to 20% per piece. not bad, i suppose, considering that some people totally flunked both papers. but that is not the point. i requested to see my paper and just as i suspected, i got full marks for my essays but just went off mark in my manner of articulation section. i admit larr, i was not up all night memorizing the damn phonetic table, i mean, who in their right mind would memorize that thing anyway? so in other words, i was (and fully aware that i was) simply shooting in the dark with all that shit on fricatives and plosives and approximants and affricates and nasals etc. total waste of ten marks.

ah, well anyway, that is over and we actually had to choose whether we wanted to take a finals exam or do a research paper instead. the catch is, according to the lecturer, is that the final exam will be long essays. i immediately opted for final exam. no way am i going to slave in from of a computer at home after being in front of the pc for eight hours at work already. then there’s all that library research and bibliography and all that i just don’t have the light of day to even think about. i’ll do the exam. i think william opted for the exam also and another girl. we exam people are a minority.

seminar was a whole ‘nother tale. mid-sem exam is next week so dr chan gave us a sample exam question to try out. let’s just say this lar, the question itself took me half an hour to figure out. not that is was long, it was barely half a page. just that all the twists and traps in the question is so cunning, one is forced to read it once, twice, a gazillion times in order to figure out what it requires. the question (similarly will the ones that will come out next week) involves analysis of all these journals i’ve been forced to read over the past seven weeks. i’m like, oh shit. now, i actually have to read those i simply skimmed through before. dr chan totally drills you in this class. she is incredibly smart and because of that she has humungous expectations.

personally, i like the challenge. i like the discussions. i like the arguments. i am even tempted to say that i like dr chan’s provokation. she totally drives points home in so few words, points i’d need leagues more words to explain. when we engage in discourse, it is almost the sorta high you get from debating, the points, the rebuttals… but like i mentioned before larr, some topics i like, some topics i don’t like, and they all require a hell lotta research.

no one ever said doing a postgrad was easy:)

oh, i had this absolutely nasty case of diorhroea yesterday!!! i think it was the faculty canteen food but everyone else who ate there was just fine. carolin and santhira were rather concerned for me in seminar class and made me drink teh’o limau, which did not really help much. dr pravin (ceh!) suggested lomotil and 100plus, which meant i needed to go look for a pharmacy. but i was already at bukit jalil and getting a parking is so hard these days, so i did not go. my stomach feels like it is full of bubbles. i’m still rather queasy this morning. i think i’ll take a stroll to the clinic downstairs later.

on a social note, guess who i bumped into yesterday! the homie totally yelled at me across the whole bloody corridor, it was amin… the short lived debater but all around nice guy. he’s doing a masters in corporate comm now. amin doing masters? totally unheard of, kan? he was teasing me because i still have the rhoticity problem (i am linguistically handicap. i cannot pronunce the letter “r” without conscious effort. the phenomenon is called ‘rhoticity’. in phonetics, it is called ‘rhotics’… sounds kinky, kan?). anyway, amin is now a corporate comm officer somewhere in damansara.

i have a hell lotta work to get back to. i have a press release tomorrow to attend so i will be at the pictures at both midvalley and klcc the whole day tomorrow.


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