someday i’ll be saturday night,i’ll be back on my feet,i’ll be doin might not be tomorrow but that’s ok.i ain’t going down. -bon jovi-

i have been playing a lot of theme hospital… solely because i have no other computer game cds. i’m getting pretty good at it. i already have the highest score on the hall of fame. nonetheless, i always lost at level six.

if you play theme hospital also, here are some cheat codes. very useful.

yesterday, i went job/ house hunting around serdang only to realise that the cost of living alone was way out of my league.

of course, i’ve contemplated renting a room… but then again, i’m grumpy and i confess to be uncomfortable with the idea of sharing with strangers. plus, i have a bizillion things to move from this apartment to wherever i’ll end up, so it’s definately going to be a problem.

and where jobs are concern, the places i went just asked me to leave my number.

i went home, a sorely disappointed girl.

i was suppose to go visit a few university and colleges today, but i woke up with a painful case of diarhoea.

mom called me just now. my cousin will be moving in at bukit jalil and could use a housemate. personally, i don’t mind shari at all. the question is, will she mind me? i have several quirks and idiosyncracies that’s not exactly unpleasent, but might be a bit unusual.

i have been having sleeping difficulties over the past few days. i’m sleeping late, i’m waking up early, and i don’t sleep in between. i’m extremely restless.

tomorrow, i will/ should be visiting uniten and utmkl. i hear they are looking for english teachers.

my car battery died. i’m now waiting for the foremen. when it rains, it pours. i’m trying to console myself.


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