i just killed a mirror. -mort-

i was at 1utama yesterday night with some debaters. i saw secret window. not like i had a choice in the film selection.

what good can i say about secret window? hm… it had a good exposition (buildup). hm… what else can i say? i liked johnny depp’s hair… hm… i think that’s about it.

everything else about the movie is just a wasted of ten bucks. sure, it’s a thriller and there are some pretty gross post-murder scenes, but if the gore is what you’re looking for, go watch some korean flick instead. after the buildup, the climax and disposition is predictable and almost disappointing.

i’m at subang today. i might go back to mantin tomorrow to finish the essay. i need to check first if the workshop will be open tomorrow. my poor car is due in.

if i can’t service the car tomorrow then i’ll have to do it on wednesday.

oh, i just signed up for the gmail thing. send me a shout out:)


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