i have lived long enough to be battered by the realities of life and not too long to be downed by them. -john mason brown-

i was in damansara yesterday afternoon for an interview. driving home at around 5pm, i got stuck in a jam from the metropolitan college roundabout going towards summit usj. it was raining like crazy. i was in the middle lane and the traffic was not moving at all. all of a sudden, my red tempreture light came on and smoke started pouring our in clouds out of my bonnet.

oh shit.

i stopped the engine and turned by blinkers on *note that i am in the middle of a three lane mainroad* and all the cars behind me started horning. wtf, man? i called my mom and i callled the aam rescue. it was a frigging jam at the pinnacle of rush hour in the rain. life could not get better. i felt like laughing, i swear i did. i did not feel angry or like crying or frustrated. i was laughing like a mad woman in the stalled car.

i sat there for half an hour enduring blarring horns and motorcyclists giving me a piece of their mind. when the reacue came, we pushed the car out of everyone’s way.

here’s what wrong with the car: the fan i.e. the whole motor unit was brokened causing the engine to overheat. when overheating occurs, water overflows out of the water thingy and drips onto the engine causing steam (the smoke i saw) to be released. if i kept driving, the car’d blow up.

the car could not be fixed at the scene and so it was decided that we’d drive it over to the workshop to get it fixed tomorrow (today) morning. the rescue guy said it’d be ok to drive it to the workshop since it was just in goodyear court at taipan so it’s quite near.

there was just one small problem: the jam. we flipped a coin and it’s a go. so there we were, me and my brother with the rescue van behind us driving tandem through the jam.

we past through the traffic lights safely but right in front of the summit, steam started pouring out of the engine again. myblinkers jumper on and i immediately turned off the engine. suddenly, there was a host of people around my car screaming at me to turn the engine off. that’s right, people had came out of their cars which were stuck in the jam in the friggin’ rain and ran over to me. the aam guy jumped out of the van and everyone started pushing the car to the side lane.

that’s when the rescue guys decided: we can’t drive the car anymore. we’ve gotta tow the poor thing.

it was still raining when the tow truck arrived half an hour later.

this morning, i got up at 6am to send my sister to her school’s sports day held at mpsj in taipan at 7am. then i followed mom to the pasar tani before seeing my car at 8.30am.

the fan motor (the whole unit) had to be replaced and the coolant need to be bled.

the whole job was completed at 2pm. cost incurred: rm644.00. mom offered me some money but i didn’t take it. i couldn’t. i don’t know why. i really could use it because i had to dig into the money i was saving for next semester’s school fees to pay for the car. my car air-con also desperately needs to be refilled but i guess that will have to wait for another month.

i’d stinge wherever i can but i’ve vowed to myself the day i left for langkawi two years ago that i’ll never depend on my folks or anyone for money ever. i’ll give anyone whatever i can afford but i won’t take. i don’t know what i’m trying to prove. maybe it’s guilt. maybe i’ve become too proud, but i don’t see it as a bad thing.

shit happens and everyone encounters hard times one way or another but i’ll get through it.


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