in the midst of winter, i finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. -albert camus-

i just bought life of pi by yann martel. here’s what the synopsis behind says behind the book: ‘after the tragic sinking of a cargo ship, one solitary lifeboat remains bobbing on the wild, blue pacific. the only survivors from the wreck are a sixteen year old boy named pi, a hyena, a zebra (with a broken leg), a female orang utan… and a 450 pound royal bengal tiger.’

sounds interesting, kan? this book won the booker prize, so i’m pretty curious.

let me talk about last saturday! or rather, let me tell you about all the debaters we just happened to bump into at 1utama last saturday. roy and i were there by 5pm. buying coffee, who did we meet at the counter? edzuan. russell arrived at 5.30pm (having gone to the other starbucks instead of this one). hilmi and delina came at 6pm. ramen joined us at 8pm and we bumped into aniza at around 9.30pm. weird!

we sat at starbuck from 5pm to 8pm in deep analysis of current political trends (note that we are all ex-debaters. pun intended). from there, we got hungry and went to mcdonalds and stayed there till 9+. we all did nothing but talk and talk and talk. from local politics to debate politics to trekies! we all have a life outside debating now (alas!) but it was so a gathering of the spoils! binded by a common passions (which is evidently still there:).

i want to write now about the strange dreams i’ve been having for the past week of so. i’ve been having some disturbingly vivid dreams of time lapses. it would be different dreams all the time, but it will all begin with me waking up as i plan to… when i really do wake up. i’d dream of waking up in the morning and doing things. then, when i really wake up in the morning, it’s like i’ve been here (at this point in time) again and i’d be doing the things i dreamt of… again. everything becomes dejavu.

on saturday night, i dreamt of waking up to a rainy morning. i dreamt of taking a shower, then making breakfast and going about the day. i woke up to a rainy sunday morning. my head ached, so i took a hot shower and made breakfast for my dad. so weird.

last night, i dreamt that i woke up late for work, i dreamt of the drive to work, and coming to work to find the college burnt down. i woke up this morning in exactly the same manner. i overslept. i woke up late. i was late for work. the drive to the office was strikingly in my dream. thankfully (hm…) the college was still standing.

argh, this sounds like such a childish blog entry. i’m pretty freaked out, though…


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