you can’t fly a kite unless you go against the wind and have a weight to keep it from turning somersault. -william j. h. boetcker-

i spent the first hours of 2004 horrifying a domestic abuse in transacting in an opposite apartment. as it appears, a man (relation unknown, possibly intimate) came back drunk (must’ve been some spectacular new year party) and started battering a woman (or were there three…?) screaming all sorts of obscenities as he went along. sounds of doors slamming (and battered down), furnitures crashing and bottles breaking (!) added to the already remarkable parade of the night’s noise pollution.

the highlight of the event was when the woman tore out of the house and made for the stairs (she was on the fifth floor). she scrambled down the flights and at what might have been the third floor (i think), she collapsed and sprawlled flat on the floor.

at this point, the man came down, saw her in the state, shouted more profanities and with the help of two other women, started to carry… or should i say drag her back up the stairs. as soon as they got back up to the fifth floor, the shouting and things- breaking and beatings extravaganzza begin again.

by now, as anyone might see, the neighbourhood was all up kay poh-ing on the scene (myself included). why, if i was that woman, i would have pushed the bastard off the ledge! minutes later, the police arrived and the yelling match between the drunkard and the police began.

i never stayed to see what happened. i was too damn tired and the shouting was not as rude as it was the hour before.

wynn has been sick ever since new year. the poor lad had this whooping fever and flu. when i saw him last friday, he had such a high tempreture, that even i was shocked. his eyes were watery and despite his burning fever, he was wrapped up tightly in his blanket. classic case of the fever. i fed him coconuts and tried to get his mind off his discomfort.

three days, eight coconuts and novels of stories about singapore later, he’s almost back to normal except for the cough. normal enough to laugh and make jokes about me being fat anyway. good enough for me:)

now, i’ve been under the weather for the past few days. dr vijay gave me my usual antibiotics but it did not work. yesterday, i returned to his clinic for a stronger dose of medicine.

this morning, my fever was awesome! i felt like the north pole and the gobi dessert all in one. i still went to class and conducted four hours of lectures. my body feels like limp noodles. my head is disproportionately out of axis. i have this friggin’ itch to scoop my throat out with a spoon.

the coconut lady (who can recognise my car by now) says the fever spell is especially bad around these parts. something about factories wit toxic fumes and the weather taking it’s vengence upon mankind.


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