you are not here to make a choice. you’ve already made it. you are here to understand why -matrix revolutions-

wynn dear, i did my work! really!… and then i blogged:)

raya was… er… well, raya was never anything much in my family to begin with anyway. the only stupendous thing that happened was the furniture extravaganzza mom and dad suddenly went through for the coupla days before raya. my folks went out one day to look for cushion covers. just that. cushion covers. what did they bring back? a cabinet… a polished wooden cabinet. ok… takpe lagi. while assembling the thing, they found that one of the drawers did not quite fit in. sooooo… they went to the shop again to change the drawer and what did they come back with? a tv stand, a stool, a pull out seater and a sofa couch! now, everyone at ikea knows them by name . whoopie, mom and dad.

here’s the best part… we spent raya… not at home! we all packed up and went to anuty li’s house right after raya prayers. inaz is supposed to email me the pictures.

it is on the second day that we had people over to the house to sit on the new living room set and see the cabinet. leaving subang two days ago, i hear them planning another trip to ikea. something about a vase, another stool and more cushion covers.

so mid-life crisis:P

aaaanyway, see anything different? new layout for the blog. i know, it still needs some touching up. i was actually rather fond of jess’s blogskin, but the size ran everywhere wehn i opened it on different pcs. so here is my own creation. criticize away!

i got hold of some peroxcide. muahahahahaaa….

i bought another evanesence cassette. my first ‘fallen’ MELTED in my car. i plan on making some sort of momento out of it.

ohmigosh! that reminds me of alia!!! i’m gonna contact you soon! wait for me, don’t go back to oz yet…!


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