just before i left for lunch, i revamped the design for this blog. i think it looks more refined now. i like it… a change from the previous one.

today, we commemorate the farewell of one of our collegues who will be taking up a job at a proper university up north. i knew him since langkawi. he’s okay, i guess. in his speech, he narrated several memories from our campus in langkawi and it made me think and remember the smaller details of what life on that island was. it made me think about things like the chalet i used to stay in, how the wooden stairs kept breaking no matter how many times we repaired it, about how the whole chalet block would rattle whenever a coconut fell on the roof, about my little office in the tutorial block- moving furniture into it- the controversy i had about the room itself, trips i had to the beach- of which i had to be most careful to ensure that there aren’t students there, and how can i forget?- driving with charm up the mountain- which had a 50sen toll entrance, traspassing into the park next to the campus, collecting seashells and writings on the campus beach sands…



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