you met me at a very strange point of my life

hi there. so you’ve found me.

no, it does not surprise me at all. i knew you eventually would. the world wide web does a rather poor job of keeping secrets, doesn’t it?

so we might as well go on with life from here. you could tell me about this discovery. or you may choose not to and we shall both be conveniently ignorant about my cyber existance. whichever you please would not make little difference. chances are, i’ve already found you too but choose not to make a big fuss about it.

you meet me here, at a very strange point of my life.

i never was the most interesting person on earth to begin with.

i am a nerd. i am a geek. sci fi and things about space fascinate me. i am a star trek fan and would very much like to pursue the klingon language and the vulcan culture.

i am a cynic. i am a bitch. i have developed a fatally sarcastic tongue which usually works shamelessly to my personal disadvantage. it is nonetheless, a mode of honesty which never ceases to amaze me.

i am a hopeless romantic. i am a day dreamer. i am a star gazer. i am easily moved and have a strangely strong sense of empathy. people call me dramatically emotional. i call it the concentrated essence of being human.

i’d like to think of myself as a soul rocker. but not one of those modern rocker babes with loudly coloured hair whom go around singing about girl power. where others are electric guitars, i am an acoustic. i’d like to think of music as poetry, one which negotiates sense of the world instead of being disgrunted about it.

i have temperamental compulsions. which is both quick and short. but i also release it quickly. i get upset but i don’t keep grudges. it weighs too much on me and after all the years, i learn that life is better lived without excess emotional baggages.

i am a blatant contradiction. i am jaded. i am a walking identity crisis who have gone from being confused about it, to being very angry about it, to being plainly disappointed and frustrated about it, to being amused about it. i learn that my condition illuminates people who see me as i truly am from those who judges me for my looks (or name for that matter).

i really am a very ordinary girl. struggling to do extraordinary things. sometimes i succeed. sometimes i fail. i always complain. i always get up again. you are reading my travelogue.

hello there. nice to meet you too.


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