Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. – Helen Keller

yeah, i know that this post is delayed in far more ways than one that you can imagine. but happy new year. i mean it. the past one year has been a real adventure for me. as my readers may see, even this blog is a work in progress. oh how i hope if there are even any readers to this to notice that is.

i used to be fine with simply being an unending work in progress. but i find myself getting a little impatient these days. i don’t mind being a work in progress, but i now would like to know what the end building will be like. or at least some indication of it.

maybe i am just getting old. ah, age.

to a happy new year, folks!


God behoede mij voor mijn vrienden, mijn vijenden neem ik zelf voor mijn rekening

i did not expect to be battling with this incredible urge to break into a devastatingly massive shopping spree at – of all places – utrecht. i expected history, yes. i expected interesting architecture, yes. some culture, check. but shopping?!

but that is what hit me. as i walk through utrecht centraal station, shops. out of the station complex, shops. all around the domtoren, shops. my visit to utrecht is defined by this pretty impressive window shopping experience. plus, this close to christmas, all the sales are on full swing.

at one point, i had to park myself at a cafe, and just watch all this shopping activity while being comforted by a mug of hot chocolate and a slice of cheesecake.

it is not a bad experience. but now i know where to go to indulge in a shopping calling. hehe.


De baard maakt geen wijsgeer; anders was er de bok goed aan

rotterdam has… character. that is my first impression of the place. bold, proud and surprisingly colourful character. like most big cities, it is sectioned into the creative district, the cultural district, the very vibrant commercial district etc and in my very quick walk through the city (using this pretty nifty audio guide app), i feel that i have only briefly skimmed through the city.

memo to self: must go back to rotterdam. must make it all the way to the harbour next time. must get nails done at that leopard lounge place. must.


A donde fueras, haz lo que vieras

give me a real beach anytime and i am one happy happy happy girl. the sun, the sea, the sand beneath my feet and the endless sky above. we jumped right into the water the moment we got there and between the jet lag and the stretch of meetings that the following days brought, the water resolved everything. EVERYTHING. that, and some good company. and couple more tacos.